Born and raised in Iran and currently living in Japan.  
I am Interested in painting ordinary things with potential beauty in their concept, form or colour. 
Mostly work on paper with coloured pencils, watercolour, Ink and acrylic, using only one medium or sometimes mixing them. 
- Master of Art, Painting, 2010, faculty of fine arts, AL Zahra University, Tehran, Iran. 
- Bachelor of Art, Industrial design, 2007, faculty of fine arts, University of Tehran, 
Tehran, Iran. 
-Group Exhibition, Nagoya International Centre, Nagoya, Japan, 2022.
-Japan Watercolor Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, 2022.
- G.A.M (global artist movement) group exhibition, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Aichi, 2022.
-Watercolor Association Group Exhibition, Aichi Art Center, Japan, 2022.
- Group Exhibition, Nagoya International Centre, Nagoya, Japan, 2021.
- Featured in JaamZin Creative Magazine, May issue, 2020 
- Group Exhibition, Vagina Monologues art auction, Osaka,2020. 
- Artbox.Project Zurich 1.0, Artbox.Gallery, Zurich, 2019. 
- Group Exhibition, Home Hostel Gallery, Osaka, Japan, 2019. 
- Group Exhibition, Intercontinental Osaka, Japan, 2017. 
-Group Exhibition, Aida Gallery, Osaka, Japan, 2017. 
-"The Other Art Fair" NYC, 2017 
-Solo exhibition, Alchemy bar and event venue, Kobe, Japan, 2015. 
-“Silent Presence”, a solo Exhibition of Artworks, 
Hyogo International House, Kobe, Japan, 2013. 
-Works exhibited in the 3rd Fadjr international visual arts festival, Tehran, Iran, 2011. 
-Group exhibition, Behzad gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2008. 
-Group exhibition, Arasbaran gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2007.